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ISBN: 978-1-4127-3486-8

This potty training sound book has been enjoyed by 2.3 million potty-goers…and counting! It’s potty time, and Elmo’s doll, Baby David, is learning to use the potty, just like Elmo! Press 7 interactive buttons to bring the tale to life with Elmo's encouraging words, fun flushing and washing sounds, and more! With a friendly character to lead the way, and opportunities to interact with the story, learning to use the potty has never been more fun!

Elmo makes potty training fun and that encourages your child to want to use the potty.

Hands on interaction with the 7 Play-a-Sound buttons engages young readers and holds their attention. While reading your little one will work on their matching and comparing skills and motor skills as they press the Play-a-Sound buttons.

The incredible characters of Sesame Street have been entertaining children and their parents for 50 years , and with the help of a Play-a-Sound module the iconic puppets come alive.

Book includes 3 - AG13 replaceable Button Cell Batteries.

Potty Time With Elmo

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