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About Salty

The "Salty" brand is a nod to Matthew 5:13.

It is also a play on the slang meaning of the word...We aim to be a place for products and experiences that elevate individuality and expression.

Why you can't find us on social

Get to Know Us

It's not an accident that you can't find us on social media platforms. Our team collectively has over 25 years of successful digital and social media marketing experience. For us, it was an intentional decision to keep Salty off social media.


We want a return to direct and positive interactions with each other. We want our shop to feel like a warm, welcoming place where anyone can come by to pick up a gift, find a new book, splurge on a new outfit, or attend an event. 

We know social media is a place where you can feel part of a community and feel heard. We believe strongly we can replicate those same goals through authentic in person and website/chat engagement. 

Following our website or joining our rewards program is a great way to get updates. We also share updates through local print and other forms of media and advertising platforms. Not only do these methods get the word out but they support other local, small businesses, which is important to us.




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