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Author: Michael Linsin

ISBN: 978-1-0887-5432-0

Michael Linsin is the Shakespeare of smart classroom management, and his 18 lessons can transform American public education." —Eva Moskowitz, Founder and CEO of Success Academy Schools

The Total Classroom Management Makeover is a condensed shortcut to effective classroom management. Presented as simple dos and don'ts, the 18 lessons you'll learn have been boiled down to the bare essentials and written in the most accessible way possible.

Together, they form an innovative approach to teaching and managing behavior that is specifically and uniquely designed to create within each student strong intrinsic desire to listen, learn, and behave.

The result is a tough-minded, hardworking, well-behaved class and the satisfaction of knowing that you're making a lasting impact on your students, your community, and the wider world.

The Total Classroom Management Makeover

SKU: 9781088754320
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