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Texas Whiskey tells the story of how whiskey from the Lone Star State is unlike whiskey being made anywhere else on the planet. Texas history runs deep, and the history of whiskey in the state is no exception. But the Texas whiskey scene, which emphasizes local corn and barrels made from trees grown in the state, has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, as this coffee table book about whiskey in the Lone Star State details.

Texas Whiskey features:

  • A collection of over 100 varied distillery profiles
  • Interviews with experts
  • All original photography
  • Tips on how to determine if a whiskey you love is truly a Texas whiskey

Locals and tourists alike will discover new expressions that are sure to satisfy tastes as varied as Texas is large.

Texas Whiskey | Nico Martini

SKU: 9781646431199
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